The Eaters of the Albion

The Eaters of the Albion aims to raise the profile of competitive eating in the UK through the exploration of training techniques and strategies gathered from a national community of competitive eaters both online and offline. This begins with a personalised training kit to suit each individual’s potential strengths based on prior engagement with an experiential site, and includes a mental visualisation walkthrough with multi-sensory accompaniments, a recommended challenge guide, and illustrated napkin.

After training, live-streaming online challenges against other Eaters of the Albion representing their home counties are made available, aiming to introduce individuals and families to competitive eating from the comfort of their own homes. In order to promote the country’s eating challenges, eaters are encouraged to engage online with others to team up and compete in both local and national challenges, and to ‘use food for good’ by raising money for local causes through online sponsorship.