Pantone Sheffield

D&AD New Blood 2015 - Reimagine your hometown through the language of colour

Sheffield is often called a 'city of villages', with a friendly, open, community atmosphere and with 61% of the city being greenspace. However, there's a great divide in wealth/opportunity across the city between individual areas, where this village feel becomes a negative as there at present are no strong community relations between different areas.

How can colour be used to break this divide and make an even stronger community?

By grouping affluent and deprived areas into small groups linked by one colour each, and using boards in village greens, parks, and green space across the city to engage people to work together as a combined community in an interactive city-wide game against other team colours. Shared colours will also be used across all city branding relating to particular areas, as well as using interactive boards and posters to visually represent stories from each community.