Ben Macdui Mountain Rescue

'The Boring Brief' set by Elmwood, mine being to rebrand a mountain rescue team for the Scottish mountain of Ben Macdui.

The branding looked to focus on a number of aims - mountain rescue teams' passion for the outdoors; the strong community bond both between the team itself and the mountain community; highlight the challenge that the harsh, ever-changing climate of Ben Macdui can be to unprepared mountaineers; promote awareness of traditional map-reading and navigation skills to mountain users as currently 20% of MRT call-outs are to those who are simply lost without sufficient preparation.

"The bond between climbers that the rope signifies is greater than the fabric itself. It goes to the heart." - John Allen - ex Cairngorms Mountain Rescue Team leader

The branding was based around this quote highlighting the metaphorical importance of the rope in both rescue and recreational mountain use. Mountain skills guides were designed for both digital and print, alongside drop-in workshops for mountaineers at the foot of the mountain for a quick refresher from the MRT. Ben Macdui Mountain Scouts looks to educate the next generation of young mountaineers through promoting safe mountain practice, rewarding them with scout style patches.